The “Men’s Health 40 +”

40 years for men – a watershed, after which it is recommended to closely monitor the health. Age-related changes, increased risk of various diseases, exacerbation of chronic conditions, it all falls on the so-called period of “40 +”. In family clinics meds you may be screened by the program “Men’s Health 40 +”. This package includes: definition of PSA (prostate-specific antigen). This protein, which is produced by the prostate gland, and content in the blood can indicate a variety of diseases of the body: cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, the presence of inflammation or infection, ischemia or myocardial prostaty. UZI prostate. The prostate – “vulnerable” agency for various diseases, including cancer. Timely detect any changes in breast tissue allows UZI. Konsultatsiya urologist, during which the specialist or prescribe treatment, or provide individual recommendations for the prevention of disease.